Welcome to York Aviation at the York Airport, the largest privately-owned, public use airport in the country. Located in York County in southcentral Pennsylvania, we offer a variety of services and events to both pilots and members of the community alike. We invite you to take a look and learn more about what York Aviation and the surrounding communities have to offer.



On May 10, 2019, we issued a Special Bulletin to address instrument approach availability issues at THV with certain Garmin navigators. As stated in the May Special Bulletin, we petitioned the FAA to remove our LP approach minimums in order to re-establish the approaches in these navigators and allow those affected to use the procedures with LNAV only minimums.

At the time Garmin did not have a timeline on resolving this issue, however, we have recently learned that the THV instrument approaches are now available in the navdata on all updated Garmin navigators. Unfortunately, modifying instrument approaches is not a quick process and our initial request to remove the LP minimums will take effect with the 12/5/19 update cycle.

Upon learning that Garmin has resolved the issue, we immediately requested to have the LP minimums reinstated for our RNAV RW17 and RW35 approaches. The FAA has provided a target date of May 21, 2020 for the LP minimum reinstatement.

In summary, we will be losing our LP minimums for about 5 ½ months and then they will reappear in both procedures. We appreciate your patience and will keep you informed if we receive any new information on this issue.

Due to several circumstances, we will be unable to host the Aviation Days Open House this year. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook pages, as we will be planning the event for 2020 later this year!

RESTAURANT OPPORTUNITY! We are currently in search of an operator to run a restaurant at the York Airport. Kitchen and dining space are available immediately. This is a great opportunity for a motivated group or individual to operate a restaurant in a local transportation hub setting, with frequent aircraft catering orders, passengers, and street traffic passing through each day. The space is located in the main terminal building, which is along busy US Route 30. Contact Mark at 717.792.5566 for more information.

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