The York Airport was formed, in large part, to prevent a much larger airport from being constructed just a few miles north of a potato farmer’s grass strip.


In the early 1950’s, a Joint York Airport Authority was created as a result of growing interest to provide the region with a municipal airport capable of handling the largest commercial and military jet aircraft. A federal grant was obtained and construction was set to start on the project in the small town of Admire, just a few miles north of the present location of the York Airport and Oscar Hostetter’s grass strip. Mr. Hostetter was not pleased with the thought of having another airport in such close proximity to his and in response, paved his existing runway at no expense to the65_super_stock_nationals taxpayer and filed a lawsuit against the Airport Authority. Eventually, enthusiasm for the large airport faded and the Airport Authority disbanded in 1960. The 4,200 foot paved runway became the York Airport. With the increasing popularity in drag racing in the 60’s and 70’s, the airport became a part-time drag strip. It was sold to York Building Products in 1975 and returned to a full-time airport in October 1979.

Present Day

Since then, numerous improvements to the airfield have been completed. The runway has been extended 1,000 feet and grooved. A new midfield hangar and ramp area has been constructed to accommodate 32 additional aircraft. The runway lighting and instrument approaches have been updated. Most recently a wildlife perimeter fence has been installed.