Aircraft Maintenance



The York Aviation maintenance department is a customer-focused, full-service facility, with both major and minor airframe and engine repair capabilities.


Customer Advocacy

We maintain a policy of customer advocacy in order to provide the best value by making fair and honest judgments on repairs and non-mandatory maintenance items. We encourage our customers to visit the shop while we are working on their aircraft. At a minimum, we encourage regular dialogue during the maintenance process. We clearly communicate the options to our customers and let them make the final decision on deferred maintenance. Owner-assisted annuals and owner-supplied parts are also permitted.



Cirrus, Beechcraft, Piper, Cessna. Regardless of the make, our customers have the luxury of knowing their aircraft is maintained by technicians with prior factory training and certification. The diverse expertise offered by our shop includes Cirrus Service Center training. Each one of our technicians holds an Inspection Authorization (IA) certification. We offer all of this expertise at one of the most competitive labor rates in the region.
We offer a discounted labor rate for all new customers on their first shop order, just for giving us the opportunity to work on your aircraft. For details, contact Aaron Oyler, our Director of Maintenance, at 717.792.5566.
Restricted Access to Maintenance Hangar

York Aviation Operators, Inc. would like to make our maintenance customers aware of a new policy concerning activities within the physical boundaries of our maintenance hangar. Moving forward, under advisement from our insurance company, access to our maintenance hangar will be limited to employees or authorized personnel only. Aaron Oyler, our Director of Maintenance, can be contacted at or 717-406-9620 to arrange an appointment if you require access to your aircraft while it is in the maintenance hangar. Owner-assist maintenance actions for our KTHV based customers, such as panel removal and replacement, must be completed in the owner’s hangar. Panels shall be removed prior to the relocation of the aircraft to the maintenance shop and replaced after the aircraft is returned to the owner’s hangar when the maintenance work is complete.
In addition, we are no longer able to install customer supplied parts. Orders for all necessary parts and/or outside repair services will be placed by our maintenance staff and the customer will be billed accordingly. If, during the course of performing maintenance work, it is determined that individual parts or outside services with a value of over $500.00 will be required, YAO personnel will contact the owner for approval prior to ordering the part or service.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to maintain your aircraft. We appreciate your patience while we continually look for ways to improve our maintenance operation and serve our customers using the safest, most efficient means possible.